Can’t take the heat? Stay inside! In the high temperatures, it’s difficult to stay outside all day and care for your lawn. Try caring for your house plants instead. Indoor plant care is similar to outdoor gardening with a few minor changes. Here’s a few tips on how to care for your indoor, house plants.

  • Foremost, this is a general rule that sometimes gets overlooked. All plants survive on food, water, and sunlight to survive. Some periodical movement of the plants to an outdoor area where the sun hits may be necessary.
  • Placement is important, so avoid placing plants in spots where it is too hot or too cold. Near a window is a good spot, in order for the plant to get proper sunlight.
  • Maintain a constant schedule with your house plants for planting and watering. Plants that experience drought or over-watering will stress, damaging the plant.
  • Make sure you keep plants that will easily thrive with the amount of light you provide indoors. A healthy plant will not collect pests and disease like a weaker, dying plant will.
  • Regular fertilization is essential for indoor plants. As a general rule, all house plants can be fertilized from January to September, and then be allowed to rest for the remainder of the year.
  • If one plant begins to experience pest problems, it will spread and soon they will all begin to experience the same pests. Inspect your plants each time you water them and purchase a pest remover. Check your plants before you move them indoors. This will prevent the others from experiencing the same problem.

Stay cool this summer and begin your house plant care now. For more information on indoor plant care, visit You’ll find a lot of useful information on a wide range of topics, provided by us at Milberger’s Nursery.

Written by Editor