Summer means long days out in the yard, summer vacation and beach trips. Summer in South Texas can also be tough for home gardeners due to high heat, low rainfall and an influx of pests. Let’s go over a few ways you can have a great Summer planting season.

Summer in South Texas means high temperatures that can damage more delicate plants and flowers. If your blooms are wilting under the intense Summer Sun, invest in a shade to protect your flowers. If possible, move more tender plants to a more shaded area of your home garden. Try moving more delicate plants to containers for easy transportation.

Summer here in South Texas also means water restrictions. If your plants need a lot of water, be aware of your local watering schedule. If watering is an issue for your plants try a watering bulb that you can fill and set in some container plants that will keep them hydrated properly. If water restrictions are causing problems for your garden, maybe consider adding plants to your garden that don’t require as much water. Succulents like cacti and aloe vera are easy to care for, require very little water and thrive in South Texas’ warm weather and low rainfall.

Pests are also a serious problem during the Summer heat. Use natural pest control options to keep away harmful bugs without fending off the helpful bugs that keep our gardens beautiful. Keep harmful mosquitoes away by removing any sources of standing water from your garden. Ladybugs are an easy garden item to purchase and they are fantastic at keeping aphids away.

Don’t let Summer’s heat detour you from planting this Summer. South Texas Summers may be a challenge for gardeners, but with proper planning and preparation it’s a less daunting task. Visit Milberger’s Nursery for all of your Summer planting needs like shades, watering systems and for new plants to add to your garden this Summer.

Written by milbergers