Christmas Trees
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A plant that would stay green during the winter had a special meaning to the people who lived before the advent of Christianity. Many people in the northern hemisphere believed the sun to be a god and winter meant that the sun became sick, so they would hang evergreen boughs over their doors and windows as a reminder that the summer solstice would eventually return. Boughs were also hung to keep witches, ghosts, and evil spirits away.

Ancient Egyptians, early Romans, and the Druids were some of the groups of ancient people that practiced these trends, but Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition by building pyramids of wood and decorating them with evergreens and candles. 16th century Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, was first to erect a tree in his living room and wire lighted candles to it after walking home one evening and being awed by the beauty of the stars twinkling amidst the evergreens.

German settlers brought the tradition over to America in the 1800s, despite its representation as a pagan symbol to most Americans. Slowly it adapted into a Christmas custom. By the 1890s, Christmas ornaments were arriving from Germany and the Christmas tree popularity began to rise in the United States. Christmas lights came about after the invention of electricity, and the Christmas tree blossomed into an American tradition.

At Milberger’s Nursery, we offer three types of fresh cut Christmas Trees: the Fraser Fir, the Nordman Fir, and the Noble Fir. As always, all the trees we handle are given a fresh cut, stood and displayed in water ensuring the trees remain turgid and hydrated in order to stay fresh and safe throughout the holiday season. Trees will range from 5 to 12 feet in height and are available now. Drop by Milberger’s Nursery today and pick up your next Christmas tree!

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