We can’t predict the weather but chances are it’s going to be really hot in San Antonio over the summer season and chances of seeing a lot of rain will be slim. Droughts can be devastating to your plants, but there is hope.

During a drought or massive heat wave, it can be difficult to keep your soil hydrated and your plants moisturized. But summer planting is not difficult, it just requires a little more care than in other seasons.

Here are a few tips for planting in a drought:

  • Plant when it’s overcast. Not only are you protecting your plants and soil from the hot sun, you’re protecting yourself and your skin.
  • Plant early in the morning before the sun rises or at night just before the sun sets. The air tends to be cooler around this time.
  • Avoid the midday sun whenever possible. That is when it is the hottest outside.
  • If you do see rain, plant right after a rainy day.
  • Chances are your community will be in a water restriction so pay close attention to when to water your plants or you’ll miss your opportunity.

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Written by milbergers