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Fall means piles of leaves that need to be moved and trees that will need proper care in prep for winter’s chill. Tree care is normally fairly easy during the spring, but fall care may be a bit more intensive. These tips will help you keep your trees looking great during the fall.

Fall is the ideal time to plant trees in South Texas. The cooler temperatures give many trees a chance to establish roots without the stress of high heat. Keep any flimsy saplings properly staked and rooted in to ensure they have a good chance of surviving.

Take the time to give your trees a good visual inspection. Look for any signs of disease like spots, blotches or discolored leaves. Discolored leaves can be a sign that your trees are not getting enough nutrients from the soil: mulch and fertilizer can help fix some common tree concerns. Prune any dead branches during the fall to ensure better growth. Cut back any trees that require such maintenance. Take the time during the fall to harvest any fruits or nuts that need to be harvested like apples, pecans, some citrus fruits and almonds. Water your trees according to their watering schedule. Some water restrictions may not be lifted during the fall and it’s important to keep to the water restriction schedules of your district.

Fall tree care can be low maintenance and easy if done properly. Taking care of your trees in the fall can help them stay strong during the harsh winter months. If you have any questions about how to take care of your trees this fall, ask a Milberger’s Garden Specialist – we’re more than happy to help.

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