May 4, 2015 News No Comments
  • In most gardens, it is time to relegate the spinach, lettuce, cole crops, English peas and other cool-weather vegetables to the compost pile.
  • Your lawn may show some yellowing as the winter weeds decline. The lawn grasses will soon fill the gaps. Fertilize the grass with slow-release lawn fertilizer.
  • Harvest peaches when the background cover changes from green to yellow. Harvest onions when the tops flop over. Potatoes can be harvested any time between bloom period and when the top dies.
  • Plant pepper and eggplant transplants as well as okra and southern peas by seed.


CalvinFinch-mug-164x200Dr. Calvin Finch is Director of Water Conservation and Technology at the Texas A&M University. You can ask Calvin question and hear his answers on the air as he co-hosts the Gardening South Texas on the air at KLUP (AM 930) Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00pm.

Written by Marc Hess