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It’s Spring in Texas and the wildflowers are in bloom. Texas has absolutely stunning blooms that grace our highways and open fields from the Indian Blankets and Paintbrushes to our sublime bluebonnets. Not all Texas wildflowers make great home garden or landscaping plants but there are some that make great additions to a home garden or landscape design.


The Benefits of Planting Native

Native plants are more resistant to local diseases and pests than non-native plants; this makes them heartier and easier to care for. Native plants are also used to Texas’ unique weather conditions and can more easily cope with high sunlight and minimal rain or the other varied aspects of Texas’ climate. Planting native plants is also easier on the local ecosystem by promoting the plants already known and native to the area as opposed to exotic or introduced plant species than can be damaging to local ecosystems.


Native Texas Trees

The Pecan is our State Tree for a reason: this hearty, large tree can shade your family for generations to come. In addition to the shade these huge trees can provide delicious pecans for a multitude of culinary and baking applications. Pecans also make great feed for local game animals like hogs and deer. Pecan trees are beautiful but other local trees include the Mexican Buckeye with its beautiful pink blooms and Southern Live Oak: another brilliant shade tree. The maintenance on these trees are pretty minimal: they require regular watering and pruning but a healthy tree can practically take care of itself.


Native Large Shrubs

Large shrubs can be a great alternative to large trees when looking to provide shade on a smaller plot of land or just to provide shade and security for windows or exposed areas. The Crape Myrtle is a common South Texas shade bush known for its pretty flowers and ability to grow in less than ideal conditions. The Cherry Laurel is a small shade tree that boasts pretty white flowers and its compact size makes it great for smaller properties. If you’re looking for a non-flowering shrub, the Texas Dwarf Palmetto is a good solid shrub that’s very easy to take care of.



Wildflowers are a beautiful addition to any home garden or landscape project. The Black-eyed Susan is a common wildflower and it’s very easy to take care of in a home garden. The Fall Aster is a pretty purple daisy-like bloom that’s easy to care for, easy to find and looks great when it blooms in mid-Spring to early Summer. The Purple Cone flower is another common wildflower that also resists deer that could make a meal out of these beautiful blossoms.


These native plants will improve the outward appearance of your home and garden. Native plants are easier to take care of, look stunning and can even ward off some local pests. There’s plenty more to talk about when it comes to local plants and if you have any questions about planting local: stop by Milberger’s Nursery for all of your planting needs.

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