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Perennial Garden Many Colors

HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS: Measure the fit. Check the plant tag to see how wide and tall your new plant will be at full size. Get out a measuring tape and make sure it fits in the area you plan to plant it. Imagine it growing in a circle and mark the center where you’ll …

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Yellow Dandelion

Let’s not be so quick to judge the humble weed. After all, they are green, native and an important part of a diverse, stable ecosystem. We have been blessed recently with plenty of rain to make everything grow lush and green. Of course, with all this extra time staying home and working from home, we …

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Caterpillar in leaf

These little guys are famished and your trees are a bountiful buffet. But before you banish them, remember this: Song birds are nesting now and caterpillars are the food supply for their young.

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Agarita SAWS

Hiking along a high oak rimmed bluff on a cool, crisp February morning, I caught scent of something deliciously sweet. My mind immediately conjured the image of a warm, honey-drizzled sopapilla as I whipped around to seek out the source of this decadent aroma. Nearby, covered in spectacular yellow blossoms, was a bushy shrub with …

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Bird bath

While seed and suet do a fine job of attracting birds to your landscape, fresh, sparkling H2O will fascinate the flocks of feathered friends that flew in for winter. It’s no secret that birds fly south for the winter, but just how far south do they go? Mexico, Central and South America are common winter …

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