• Fall is for planting

    Free Earth-Kind Seminar with David Rodriguez at Milberger’s Nursery, Sat., Sept 27nd from 10:30am ‘til Noon. This seminar will help you make the most out of our favorite growing season.
  • Vegetable Gardening for Kids

    Free Kids Gardening Class at the nursery. Sat., Aug., 30 from 10:00am to Noon. Vegetable gardening geared for small hands with some fun take-home activities.
  • Help Wanted

    Milberger’s Nursery is looking for some enthusiastic and friendly people to become a part of our team as cashiers, full and part time, and carryouts. We have immediate openings for someone who wants to be a part of our great team. Must be able to work on Saturdays or Sundays and pass a drug screening test. If this interests you, stop by the nursery to apply in person.

Retail Nursery

Your landscape and garden beds can be a source pride and beauty twelve months of the year here in South Texas… as long you select plants that thrive in our climate and use gardening techniques that optimize our tough soils. Milberger’s was voted the Best Plant Nursery in San Antonio because of what we offer you: year-around color for your garden beds, trees and shrubs for your landscape, turf grass and water features. Visit Milberger’s where the plans stock is always fresh and healthy and the gardening expertise is free.

  • Tree Lot - Check out our fruit trees freshly stocked and ready to plant.
  • Turf Grass & Sod - The largest selection of turf grass and sod in South Central Texas.
  • Flower Beds - Freshly stocked seasonal color for your landscape. Xeriscapes, Raised Beds, Hardscaping and Growing Roses.
  • Water Gardens - We are a certified WaterGardenExcellence retailer.
  • Commercial Landscaping - Registered Landscape Architects available for project large and small..
  • Now On Sale - Different items on sale every week.

Its Time to Plant
Winter Annuals for Color

It is time to plant most of the cool weather blooming annuals. Petunias, snapdragons, dianthus, stocks, calendula, alyssum, and ornamental kale do best over the winter and in early spring if they are planted now. Pansies, cyclamen, and primula are more sensitive to hot weather than the other species so usually perform best if they are planted in November. Ornamental kale has some shade tolerance. Cyclamen and primula require shade to survive but, for most of the blooms listed, a site in full sun is required. Alyssum is the most fragrant of the choices. You can often find it at your favorite nursery by just following your nose. My favorite winter annual for fragrance, however, is stock. This old-fashioned flower makes a nice bouquet for the house and provides a pleasant light perfume. 




Gardening Expertise

  • Recomended Small Trees

    You will have better success growing trees that are recommended by the horticulturists Texas A&M to thrive in our growing region. Here are some suggestions.
  • Autumn Lawn Care

    If your lawn had brown patch disease in the past, a preventative application is due now. Weed Control. We recommend applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the fall (mid-September to early November) to prevent winter weeds from germinating.
  • In The Rose Garden

    Proper soil mix, without doubt, is the most important investment you will make in growing healthy, strong, prolific roses.